November 4th, 2016
The 4th Luca Turilli’s solo album

Hi my friends,
I just came back from Wolfsburg where I ended the first part of the production for the second DREAMQUEST album (please check for more details).
During that time I had also the possibility to plan the production of my 4th solo album. I can already tell you that the next album will be the solo album I always dreamed of.
Olaf Hayer will be the absolute hero of the 4th release. I always thought his voice sounds very similiar to the one of Michael Kiske (please check our cover of ‘I am Alive’ if you have some doubts!). And I will never deny that thanks to Michael’s voice and the two ‘Keepers’ from Helloween I started loving the melodic speed metal around 20 years ago.
And so here we come with my crazy vision… my next solo album will try to be the imaginery ‘Keeper of the seven keys, part 3’ that I would have liked to hear singed by Michael Kiske in 1990, a ‘monumentum’ to melodic speed/power metal with anthemic refrains and sing-a-long melodies.
But this is only a part of the whole plan. The new album will comprehend a giant orchestra too, a giant choir and a lot of very special guests for a complete cinematic approach. Just wait for it my friends, I am having so much fun composing it!
A great tour will follow the 4th solo album’s release and me and Olaf will be then on all the stages worldwide to promote it in the best way. Stay tuned for more infos!
Best wishes!

June 26th, 2016

Hi to everybody,
how are you? This has been a hard timing for me to release news on my websites because of some important issues to solve with Rhapsody and because of the composition of my second Dreamquest album that should be released during spring 2017.
To not speak about the world championship that is taking me a lot of time and energy. But after one month from its release I can say that my solo album reached some goals really unexpected.
The Infinite Wonders of Creation‘ entered the German charts at position n.100 and the French ones at pos. n.138.
Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks again for the incredible support. And thanks to these great results I am already planning something really special for my 4th solo album. I will release further news in the next months.
Best wishes!


May 26th, 2016

Hi, my dear friends,
here we go: special day today! Enjoy the ‘virtual internet party’ for the release of my solo album (at the moment available only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but from the next 3 days available almost everywhere). You can listen to the whole album during these 24 hours!!!
And don’t miss the new section of the website dedicated to the ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) where I answer to many ‘hot’ questions (more will follow soon!) related to the ‘secrets’ behind this new solo album’s release. Also the forum is finally entirely working. Log in and enjoy it!
Best Wishes!!!

Luca Turilli

May 22th, 2016

Hi my friends,
today I wanted to present you the line-up of musicians that performed in my new solo album. Here we go:

BRIDGET FOGLE: female voice
OLAF HAYER: male voice
LUCA TURILLI: guitars and keyboards

As you can see, Miro is not part of the band anymore. This time I played all the keyboard parts by myself and I had a lot of fun doing it 🙂
‘The Infinite Wonders of Creation’ represents an album very ‘personal’ and ‘deep’, conceptually, musically and lyrically, and that’s why for me it has been very important to produce it.
It’s the first time I do it for one of my solo albums after having produced together with Alex Staropoli the last Rhapsody full-length ‘Symphony of Enchanted Lands part 2’.
I left completely the bass parts in the wise hands of Sascha Peath and I think the result is really amazing. Surely the best bass lines I had until now in a record.
Hope you’ll enjoy them too,

Luca Turilli

May 13th, 2016

Hi to everybody,
I just came back home a couple of days ago from my promotrip in Germany and France. I have no words to describe the reaction of the press around my new solo album ‘The Infinite Wonders of Creation’: something really unexpected. Surely the best votes collected until now between the 3 albums of the trilogy.

A special thanks to the all the journalists of METAL HEART to have chosen my band as ACT OF THE MONTH and thanks also to ROCK HARD (Germany) for a really great review, surely the best since 1997, when I started promoting Rhapsody’s debut CD Legendary Tales. And of course to all the other german and french journalists that rated with top votes my solo release (the others too, of course ;-))
Thanks, thanks and still thanks to all the people who understood the meaning of this new album. I consider it like a special album, born 100% from the heart, a real ‘tribute to mother nature’ and a very personal CD. Probably one of the most symphonic albums I wrote until now. Very choral too. But of course there was no other way for me than representing with such musical style the amazing landscapes offered to us by her: the mother of all, source of infinite inspiration for every artist.

In order to get a particularly emotional sound picture, during the 2 months of studio production, Sascha and me worked a lot on the dynamics of the orchestral ensemble, me while finalizing the orchestral arrangements and Sascha during the mix. That’s why this album is made to be listened at LOUD VOLUME or with the headphones for best results.

And something more: in the last minute I decided to add a new bonus track to my solo album (release date: MAY 26th): ‘ALTITUDES’ (piano version).

But this not all: the management informed me that there will be an interesting gift for all the people who are interested in the LIMITED EDITION of ‘The Infinite Wonders of Creation’.

More infos will follow soon on this same website.
All the best to you all !!!

April 9th, 2016

Hi my friends, today I am proud to announce you that Karsten, my faithful and talented webmaster, added some samples to this and the Dreamquest website for all those people that want to know more about the evolution of my musical style and how these new upcoming releases will sound. The samples that you can find on this website consist in an excerpt from the following tracks: ‘Mother Nature’, ‘Altitudes’ and ‘The Miracle of Life’, tracks that represent well the intensity of these new compositions sounding more mature and modern than ever before, also thanks to the wonderful voice of Bridget Fogle, that from simple chorist became lead singer of this band. Surely ‘The Infinite Wonders of Creation’ is the most symphonic album I released until now and the opera choirs, singed by the talented ‘Voices of Astral Conscience’, are massive and epic from the first until the last track of the CD. And more: when you will see the booklet that Karsten created for this album you will understand how the complete concept around my new release, musically, lyrically and graphically, took a particularly defined way of inner expression that will represent from now on the trademark for my future solo productions.

I am also proud to tell you that for the first time in my solo career my 3rd solo album ‘The Infinite Wonders of Creation’ has been chosen as ‘album of the month’ in an important german magazine. I’ll tell you more when more infos will be available.

Very important: very soon, thanks to the hard work of my brother Karsten Vom Wege, this site, totally renewed, will be finally open. But before, in a couple of days, you’ll be already able to exchange your opinions and thoughts in the new forum linked to this website.
Best Wishes and stay tuned for further news!

March 26th, 2016

Hi to all, my friends.
Finally the promo copies of the album have been sent to the journalists. Obviously the versions of the album they have is not complete and not even masterized for obvious reasons of marketing against piracy. But today, as promised, I’ll give you another new regarding my upcoming solo release. So let’s go with it: for the first time I’ll have 2 singers performing on my solo album.
Olaf Hayer and a female singer will share the microphone on the whole CD. This is an idea that was born from a practical necessity met in Wolfsburg during the recording sessions and that in the end became for me a great artistical and original solution to close in the best way this ‘virtual odyssey trilogy’, my solo project started 7 years ago. Best wishes!